Anything but Blue – Patek Philippe Replica Limited Edition

While the French military will never be spoken of in the best light, where World War II is concerned, post-war French military issued watches seem to be having a great moment in the sun as of late.

Patek Philippe Replica.jpg

We got our first taste of this with the postiive reaction the collecting community showed us when we launched the UNDONE Type 20 on Shop.Revolution.Watch. Last week we saw all our Social Media feeds go blue with the launch of the Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue, which was heavily inspired by the Marine Nationale issued ref. 7016 Tudor Submariner.Patek Philippe Replica !

And now, Blancpain enters the arena with their own French military issued timepiece, the ever iconic, Fifty Fathoms. The Fifty Fathoms came into being in 1953, specially made for the elite combat divers’ unit of the French Navy, with specifications outlined by the unit’s senior commanders themselves.

In 2013, Blancpain introduced what is considered the 21st century descent of the Fifty Fathoms, the Bathyscape. The Bathyscape met with the updated ISO 6425 dive watch standard established in 1996 while listing a depth rating of 300m.